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Regina, SK S4P 3R9

Contact Us & FAQ

Who is Reactor Watch Canada?

We are the exclusive distributor and service depot for the Reactor Watch line in Canada.

Where can I purchase Reactor Watches in Canada?

The entire Reactor Watch line is available online here. You can purchase Reactor Watches directly from Reactor Watch Canada.

What is your pricing policy?

Our prices are in Canadian currency. And remember, Reactor Watch Canada ships free from our Canadian location to any Canadian province or territory. There are no cross-border hassles, no customs or duty to pay. You pay the price on the watch plus the applicable tax rate for your province or territory and that's it. Our retail prices are the same as all the U.S. retailers BUT our prices are in Canadian currency!

Shipping within Canada

We ship only to Canadian clients and we ship free of charge to all Canadian provinces and territories via Canada Post Expedited Mail/Signature Required service. FedEx courier is also available if chosen at an addiltional charge.

What is the warranty on Reactor Watches?

Our warranty is simple and straight forward. If anything goes wrong with your Reactor watch in the first two years of ownership, we will either repair or replace it at our expense. Here's the "not so small print" - normal wear and tear and abuse are not considered manufacturing defects and are not covered by our warranty. That's it - a warranty you don't need a law degree to understand. Also, if your watch requires service after the warranty has expired you will get the same great service and fast turnaround.

Do you ship to the U.S. ?

No, we do not sell or ship to the U.S. Reactor Watch Canada is for Canadian customers only. All sales are made in Canadian currency and all purchases are shipped free of charge to any Canadian province or territory. We do not ship outside of Canada.

My Reactor needs to be serviced, what do I do?

If service is required please print this form and include a completed copy of it with your watch only. (please do not send any of the original packaging that your watch came in) We suggest you use Canada Post expedited service. (signature required) We will return the serviced watch to you using the same method.

canada 1-877-683-9114

Free delivery via expedited Canada Post to any Canadian address.